Steve Moye

Steve MoyeTech & Healthcare

Throughout his career, Steve Moye has used virtualization to help deliver healthcare in new, innovative ways. Currently living in Denver, Colorado, Steve serves as the President of Virtual Health Services, one of the largest Catholic virtual technology companies in the world.

At VHS, Steve utilizes digital technologies to deliver better access to healthcare for people, nations, and populations around the world. Steve helped start Virtual Health Services, also known as Catholic Health Initiatives, and has since overseen the development of three new business lines, watching the company develop into a growing businesses. The company now has more than 80 telemedicine programs catered towards helping patients minimize their need to travel while still giving them specialty care.

Steve Moye believes that technology in telemedicine will play a key role when it comes to shifting labor costs.  According to an article published by Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine, Steve explains, “After a smaller test period, Catholic Health Initiatives in Englewood, Colorado, began rolling out a tele-pharmacy program across its 105 hospitals.  All prescription orders are funneled to a centralized facility, freeing clinical pharmacists to focus on caring for the patient,” (Stempniak, Spreading Clinical Reach Helps Cut Labor Costs). According to Steve, these benefits are twofold because they help improve the quality of care while at the same time saving money on hiring extra help in rural areas.

Steve Moye’s extensive knowledge in technology associated with healthcare has helped changed the lives of many. Throughout his time at VHS, Steve has identified a technology platform that integrates social platforms, overseen video platforms, and helped to develop an effective patient portal and data exchange system.  Steve continues to be an avid supporter of technology in the healthcare industry, hoping to improve and deliver help to a wide range of people in various innovative ways.